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Game your fitness with FitYou!

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Challenge your Friends
Easy to Use fitness motivation

FitYou makes your fitness activity tracking simple, social, and fun so you and your friends can compete with each other across ANY type of activity and stay motivated.

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Challenge Your Friends
See who can be more active during a 2-week period

Fun Activity Tracking
Simple tracking to score points for your exercise activity

Easy to Use
Great design and simple to use


Game Your Fitness with FitYou!

Start a fun fitness challenge with your friends!

Challenge Your Friends
Easily start a challenge with your friends to motivate each other to be more active.

Short 1 to 2 week challenges for urgency.

Fun Challenges
A fun way to score points and compete with your friends on who can exercise more!

Track & Score Activities
If you like to run, but your friend likes to do yoga, you can track and score the activities against each other!


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Our goal at FitYou is to provide fun and innovative new tools to motivate people to be more active and improve their health.

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Track and Score your exercise activities
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